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Top 6 Benefits Of Organic Cotton Clothing

Here is our list of the top 6 benefits of Organic Cotton and why we should all be introducing 100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton Clothing into our wardrobes.

Let's dive right in:

  1. No harmful chemicals are used (No insecticides, fungicides, or GMO seeds are used in the production of Organic Cotton)
  2. Eco-Friendly (Organic Cotton production emits around 46% lower less C02 emissions due to less energy and fuel consumption based on a chemical-free production process; it also prevents water contamination) 
  3. Higher Worker Safety Standards (Worker health is higher due to the non-use of toxic chemicals and the stricter manufacturing process for ethically produced organic cotton)
  4. Better Lives For Cotton Farmers (Farm owners are not exposed to chemical toxins and plant and grow crops on the same soil when they use organic cotton growing methods. This is not the case for farmers producing traditional cotton.)
  5. Higher Quality Product (Organic Cotton is a lot more durable and softer than traditional cotton. The durability is higher and organic cotton products tend to last longer, on average, than traditional cotton garments.)
  6. Better For Sensitive Skin and Those With Allergies (toxic textiles contain dyes, pesticides, cleansers, and other chemicals that can cause legitimate health issues, especially for those with allergies and sensitive skin; Organic Cotton eliminates these issues)

The Bottom Line: 

Organic Cotton Clothing is more durable, softer, and chemical-free. Not to mention that its good for the environment, the farmers, leads to less water contamination, and is created with a stricter safety standard. 

Wear With Purpose and start introducing Organic and Sustainable clothing into your wardrobe.

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