At YOSI Collective, we are committed to to working with distributors and manufacturers that demonstrate or employ the following code of conduct, which is essential and in line with our own practices. We practice all of the below, so we expect the same throughout our supply chain:


  • A standard of excellence and all aspects of our business
  • Respect for individual rights
  • Respect for the environment
  • Ethical and responsible conduct in all aspects of our business


No Involuntary Labor

Our manufacturing partners and distributors will not use forced or slave labor in any way shape for form, whether it be prison, bonded, indentured, or otherwise in any jurisdiction.


No Child Labor

Our manufacturing partners and distributors will not use child labor in any way shape or form in the distribution or manufacturing process. The term "child" refers to a person younger than 14-15 years of age, or if higher, the local legal minimum age allowable for employment of the age for completing compulsory education. Manufacturers employing young persons above this age, will also comply with any laws and regulations applicable to such persons in the local jurisdictions.



Our manufacturing partners and distributors will not discriminate during the hiring or employment practices based on benefits, salary, discipline, termination or retirement, race age, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, social class, sexual orientation, gender, political views, or disabilities.


No Coercion or Harassment Tolerated

Our manufacturing partners and distributors should treat every employee with dignity and respect, and will not use threats of punishment, violence, or any other form of physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological abuse or harassment.


Fair Wages

Our manufacturing partners and distributors recognize that fair wages are essential to meeting employees basic needs. Manufacturing partners will comply with all applicable wage and our laws and regulations, including those related to minimum wages, overtime, max. hours, piece rates, and other elements of compensation, while also providing legal mandatory benefits. Manufacturing and distribution partners are expected to pay overtime employees for any overtime hours at the legally prescribed premium rate, if none exists, than at a rate equal to at least the regular hourly compensation rate.


Allow Association

Our manufacturing partners and distributors will respect employees rights to associate, organize and bargain collectively in a peaceful manner, without incurring acts of vioience or threats of unemployment or penalty, as long as they do so in a lawful manner.


Protection of the Environment

Our manufacturing partners and distributors will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations with regards to dumping, emissions, production, while reducing or aiming to reduce their carbon footprints, pollution, and becoming more sustainable. Increased sustainability must be part of the firms goals in order to work with us.


Monitoring and Compliance

Our manufacturing partners and/or distributors, with designated agents, will carry out and engage in the monitoring activities to ensure and confirm compliance with this code of conduct. This is to ensure all ethical sourcing, fair wage practices, and environmental sustainability claims are being upheld. This will be done by way of unannounced on-site inspections any company sponsored housing facilities and manufacturing facilities; review of accounting books and records related to employment matters like employee write-ups, interviews or misconduct. Manufacturing partners and distributors will maintain any and all documentation required to demonstrate that local and outsourced manufacturers and facilities are in compliance with this Code of Conduct. YOSI Collective, as a small business, does not have the resources to verify the authenticity of claims made by our manufacturing partners and distributors thus relying on our partners to ensure that all code of conduct rules are being upheld and are true as stated.



Primary Distributors and Manufacturers

The primary manufacturers of our products include ChampionⓇ, econscious, Next Level Apparel, Sporstman, with distribution and supply through Printful.


We leave it all on the table, and are transparent as we can be with our customers, followers, and fans....always living under the mantra of keeping it 100!


YOSI | Collective

A peek inside one of our manufacturing partners facilities in Mexico

Credit:Next Level Apparel