We have a strong vision at YOSI | Collective and we know how important a role we play in raising awareness for social issues, sustainable development goals, and just getting people to think critically in modern society.

From an eco-perspective🌿, we all have a part to play in protecting our planet🌏 for future generations and YOSI aims to be a player in sustainable goods and helping to push that initiative further within our global society. 

YOSI Collective is putting its best foot forward and committing to taking the following actions: 

  • Working to achieve solid environmental practices across our entire operation.
  • Reducing our waste and water consumption where possible.
  • To practice the 3R's we all learnt as kids in our business (FYI - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) 
  • Providing all team members across the globe with the training and resources required to meet our objectives.
  • Continue to transgress to a fully 100% sustainable organic level with all products
  • Working to be a highly recognized brand, as the greater the recognition the greater the impact and influence we can have to improve the world and get our message out there 
  • Continue to research and adopt new fabrics and materials that are sustainable like hemp and bamboo. 
  • Stay on top of new R&D in alternative sustainable materials 
  • Expanding our product range to include more sustainable goods
  • Create social awareness for lesser known and discussed issues like depression among kids, tech overload, and other new age issues
  • Move to a for-profit model where we can work with global organizations and donate significant amounts of our proceeds to foundations and organizations around the world to help various causes from supporting mental health societies to helping get women out of trafficking to providing food and shelter for those that are in dire need.
  • We have big goals and we need your help to achieve them!
  • Transcend from a social awareness brand to create our own foundation and host our own local and global events to raise awareness about social issues and provide an outlet for people to speak up and tell their story so that we all can learn, help, and be better humans 

We have some BIG goals 🙌🏾 and we need your help to achieve them!