🛑Attention Please 🛑

When reaching out about an issue with an ordered product(s), please attach a clear photo of the item(s) in question. This will allow us to provide a quick and simple solution based on the items. 

You will receive a full refund💯  if the don't receive your order, for whatever reason.

However, please note that we ship with DHL or FedEx and provide tracking numbers so we can also track deliveries. 

We go through numerous quality control tests to ensure each and every product is up to standard and ethically produced. Like any business, sometimes there are hiccups or things out of our control, but we're here to help and resolve any issues you have! 

We handle refunds and exchanges on a case by case basis due to the Eco-friendly nature of our brand. All items are MADE TO ORDER, so each piece is crafted individually. More importantly it reduces are carbon footprint. 

If you have an issue with your product, let us know and we'll work to resolve it as swiftly as possible ✌🏽